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Paris is so chic…

13 Aug

One of my cousins, who is well on his way into pillaging the culinary world and making it his own, once scoffed at gelato. Mainly because many are quick to tag anything as “gelato” just so it would come off as “Italian ice cream”. Plus, it actually tastes a little watery, if you think about it. (The same cousin also gets mildly, humorously irritated when we order something simple at a restaurant. Case in point: “Why are you going to order creme brulee! That’s so easy to make!”)

I digress. Anyway. Paris is a city so chic that when you order gelato, it comes to you in the form of a flower!

Gelato @ Galeries Lafayette (3.00 euros)

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Paris! (2nd of 3 parts)

11 Aug

After journeying down Champs Elysee for the requisite Arc de Triomphe picture, my tita and I ventured into one of the side streets and found ourselves on Hausmann. My Tita suddenly suggests that we go to Galeries Lafayette.

Galeries Lafayette is like the Parisian counterpart of Harrods, or what the local Rustans strives to be: a compound with each floor solely dedicated to a type of merchandise. (One floor for accessories and shoes, another floor for women’s clothing, etc.) While the Carrie Bradshaws of the world would be content with salivating over their gorgeous and very chic window displays, we headed straight to the floor dedicated to food.

It was unbelievable. Food was categorized in clusters, much like in a buffet. There was a Chinese food station, a cheese station, a foie gras station (YES FOIE GRAS), a pastries section… it felt like they had everything.

A rainbow of macaroons!

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